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Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

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As much of the country digs out from winter storms, we’re reminded that life sometimes dumps the unexpected on us.  We’re prepared for one situation, and suddenly face something different – piling on challenges- much like a heavy snowstorm.  But don’t let that stop you!

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and check out Dave’s latest video

Snow Time is Go Time!

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Hang Six?! Dave’s Unique Perspective on Overcoming Adversity

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“Since I was born with only six toes, I’ve had to learn to hang ten the hard way,” says Stevens.

Skateboarding is just the beginning,  Dave has tried out for the Dallas Cowboys,  played college football and pinch-hit for Darryl Strawberry.

So what’s holding you back?    Will you sit around and wish… or go out and make your dreams come true?

Check out Dave’s latest inspirational video

Hangin' Six with Dave

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What Brings America Together?

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In today’s media, America is portrayed as divided – by race, age, income, gender, religion, and definitely by politics.  But what unites us?  What brings Americans from all walks of life together?  The answer is baseball.

And nobody knows that better than Dave Stevens.  In the newly released book “America at the Seams” a baseball artwork storytelling project, Dave proudly represents his home state of Arizona.

Among other anecdotes, Dave shares how he earned the Arizona state high school record for most career walks as well as most walks in a single season.  “The irony of a man walking without legs can only be found in baseball,” says author Ethan Bryan.

Not only is Dave’s story featured in this gorgeous book, but the game balls from Dave’s hometown of Wickenburg  are part of an inspirational  work of art created by artist Nathan Rueckert.  It’s a 5-foot wide map of the United States from old, tattered baseballs obtained directly from 50 persons in 50 states with powerful stories of hope, perseverance, overcoming adversity, and how baseball definitively unites our country.

If  you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a baseball fan, look no further than “America at the Seams.”

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WWAFT Raises $80,000 and Dave Sacks Drew Bledsoe!

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Veteran’s Day 2017-  A great day for Wounded Warriors Amputee Football Team!

Raising money for veterans and football- What could be better on a cool, crisp fall day? The WWAFT team versus Drew Bledsoe and the Patriots Alumni raised $80,000 for veterans groups in the Massachusetts area.   See the whole story here.

See Dave sack Drew Bledsoe, former Dallas, Buffalo and Patriots Quarterback.

Drew Bledsoe has a winery?    Find out all about what Drew has been up to in Dave’s interview with Drew. 

Dave’s moves on the football field were all the talk on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Plus, here’s a great article on –  Meet the Man Without Legs that Sacked Drew Bledsoe  

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