Dave Endorses

Get Freedom Back with Peddle Master

If your disability prevents you from driving and you’re tired of relying on ride services, friends or family, then Peddle Master is the solution.  Simply use the portable and affordable Peddle Master driving aid devices.  Peddle Master works with any automatic transmission vehicle and has been tested and approved by driving authorities in the United States. Rediscover your freedom and get back on the road today!

Look Your Best with UNTUCKit

With shirts ranging from casual to professional, Dave always looks sharp at his appearances wearing UNTUCKit.  “Every Body is Welcome” and UNTUCKit fits all shapes and sizes, offering 50 different size options, so you can always be comfortable and look great!

Feel Better with Perfect Edge Botanicals 

After a big game, Dave uses Perfect Edge Botanical Hemp Extract topical cream to ease aches and pains.  Perfect Edge offers a full range of premium quality CBD products that are safe and effective for people and pets.