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A Pound of Kindness

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First grader Dave Clark is worried: There’s a field trip coming up and they’ll have to walk 5 or 6 blocks, but Dave is recovering from polio and wearing leg braces… will he hold up the class?  Then, along comes classmate Ernie Pound with a simple act of kindness that changes everything!


All of us at Dave Stevens Speaks are so proud to be a part of this project!   Join in the excitement and consider contributing to the A Pound of Kindness Kickstarter! Proceeds will benefit the Dave Clark Foundation and  D3 Day events where children with disabilities are able to enjoy a day of learning baseball skills and meeting professional athletes.

About the Project: “A Pound of Kindness” is a children’s book about a child with a severe physical disability whose life is a changed when a fellow student performs an act of unforgettable kindness. This story is based on a true-life account of Dave Clark, a first grader suffering from polio, who was shown compassion by classmate Ernie Pound. Unknown to each other, both boys grow up to compete in professional sports.

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